We are all always on the lookout for something fresh and new to read, and sometimes it can be hard to determine just what books might hold your interest or be best for you because there is so much on the market today. You can read reviews and get information, but you never really know until you start reading some of the books yourself if an author is going to capture your heart, mind, and imagination all at once. Recommendations about what to read and who to read are always helpful, and if you take the time to discover author Vivian Badashian, you will find yourself richly rewarded for your time.

author vivian badashian

A Fresh Voice from an Author

So many books that you find today all seem to take the same approach regarding topics and writing style. While this may be fine for some people, you want something that takes a fresh approach and attitude so that the book really holds your interest. Vivian certainly does this, particularly with her book “Rise to Sunder.” The book features excellent characters that you can connect with while offering up a storyline that is innovative and new. This tale will grip you to the very end of the novel.

An Emerging Author to Watch

Author Vivian Badashian is an emerging writer that you want to keep an eye on. Her first book has undoubtedly brought about excitement and passion from readers, and many are looking forward to her next release, which will be a novel about a fictional war account that takes place in Libya during the post-Gadhafi era. You can expect there to be a story which will keep you enrapt and enthralled throughout, and you will make a connection to characters in a way that helps to make the book and its author standout today.

Learn More about Vivian Badashian

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