For some so-called investment gurus, there might be some interpretation as to what a “long-term track record” is. At the Chartist, they have a simple one: success. Here, they’ve been offering a stock market newsletter for the last 50 years, since 1969. Half a century, five decades – that sounds like quite a solid definition of “long term.” In this blog, we’ll touch on some of the reasons that they’ve been able to last as well as what they do to maintain viability in an ever-changing market.

Nothing Hypothetical about a Long-Term Track Record

They use the phrase “nothing hypothetical” quite a bit at their site. It means that they don’t use weasel words when it comes to investments. Instead, they just tell you what they’re going to invest and then we invest it. You won’t hear them say “what if” or “maybe” or even “perhaps this is a good investment.” Instead of speaking in vagaries, they simply state that they’ve found what is a good investments and why. Then, they invest it in themselves.

Track Record you can See

The Chartist believe in transparency. Moreover, they believe that if you’re going to listen to someone’s investment advice, they should be as transparent as possible with you. Too many of those offering investment advice never tell you what they’ve actually invested in, or how much they invested. That’s not how they operate. You’ll see what they’ve put their money into as well as how it did. On top of that, they make sure that this information is readily available for their past investments as well. That way, you can judge their investment strategies by not only what they’ve done recently, but what they’ve done for the last fifty years.

“Buy High, Sell Higher”

That’s the core of the strategy they’ve built their track record upon. Many suggest buying stocks at their absolute nadir, and then waiting for them to grow. The chartist doesn’t do that. Instead, they buy stocks as they’re on their way up, but have yet to reach their peak. That way, they can get in as they’re rising but get out before they top off. This strategy has many pros as well as a few cons. Market timing comes into play quite a bit, particularly during bear markets. By making sure that profits are allowed to run and run, while losses are quickly jettisoned, we’ve built a foundational strategy that has helped so many.

Long-Term Track Record

Our Newsletter

You can see what they’ve invested in as well as what they’re going to invest in at their newsletter. The newsletter tells you everything that they’re involved in as well as their plans for the future. When you sign up for it, you’ll have access to their newsletter instantly. On top of that, you’ll also have access to their entire archive of past newsletters, so you can see how their investments have held up. This also gets you complete access to their hotlines as well. For more, call The Chartist at (800) 942-4278.