Anxiety is a condition which plagues many residents of LA. It can come from a variety of causes and may upset the life of the person to such an extent that they struggle to hold down a career or a relationship. If you have issues with anxiety or some form of depression, then you know that sometimes it is hard to even think about discussing your feelings with someone. At the same time, you know that you need expert help to get over this hump. In these situations, it can be a good idea to let an expert psychologist West Hollywood, such as Yvonne Thomas, PhD, talk with you about your feelings, and help you find ways to reduce or hold back those feelings.

Coping with worries or fears

It is not unusual to start having worries or fears about a situation during times of stress. You might be worried about exams, or about a big presentation that you have to do for your company. These fears are perfectly natural and happen to every one of us. However, when those fears don’t go away, or start occurring during periods of relative calm, you know that you need extra help to make those feelings less overwhelming. No-one believes that they can be cured just through a single session, but working with a therapist on a regular basis can help to give you some breathing room when anxious thoughts start to crowd in.

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Making progress

Regular therapy sessions can help you to ease the anxiety or depression that you feel and give you a new way of looking at the world which is less frightening. For people with serious issues, these therapy sessions may be part of a wider, medical program designed to give you all the essential tools to help you overcome your issues. I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to find the perfect therapy or the ideal medication, but I do believe that talking treatments can assist you in creating a little bit of space around yourself where you can feel calm and take a moment. These skills come with time and can be a way to treat anxiety where medications or other forms of medical therapy have not worked.

Talk to an experienced therapist

When you are struggling with these problems, you need an experienced therapist who can help you to discover need tools to help you combat your worries and fears. Yvonne Thomas PhD is a qualified psychologist West Hollywood with many years’ experience of working with individuals in order to help them combat these types of issues. If you are ready to accept help or have been advised to take therapy by your doctor, Yvonne is here to assist you. You can call now for a free consultation at (310) 359-9450, or if you prefer you can make an appointment to see her directly by using the online message form to answer questions about your health and your need for therapy.