Materials such as fabrics, textiles, nonwovens, and vinyls, among similar panelled and sheeted materials, are often manufactured and produced for very general purposes. This, in turn, can sometimes make it harder for more specific industries to apply the materials in question to their intended use without an additional step known as converting. This is why converting services are so important at the time of sourcing your materials for further manufacturing. These can be provided, with all the necessary experience and expertise, by PACIFIC Supplies.

PACIFIC Supplies

For seventy-five years, PACIFIC Supplies has provided fabrics, nonwovens, and similar supplies to a variety of different industries including furniture, mattress construction, filtration, erosion control, roofing, landscaping, food processing, packaging, and metal processing, among others. Not only do they provide the materials and supplies themselves, though. They also offer services for converting these materials for specific and particular uses that are necessary in certain industrial, manufacturing, and construction services. They will provide everything you need to get these materials in the right shape for the intended use. 

Materials Converted

When talking about converting materials, we are referring to very specific goods that are difficult to adapt into specific uses without industrial means. Without the right infrastructure, machinery, and logistics, converting fabrics and similar materials to be apt for their intended manufacturing use can be difficult, which is what professional services are for. Through these, you can convert nonwoven materials, traditional woven textiles, paper, plastic, vinyl, films, and specialty fabrics according to your intended use in a way that is both convenient and economic. Any of these materials, as well as other similar ones can be properly adapted to the purpose that you have in mind for it with the help of good converters.

Converting Services

When talking about converting services, we are encompassing a variety of different ways to modify the materials mentioned above for specific manufacturing, practical, and retail purposes. These services can include:

  • Paneling and sheeting
  • Custom slitting
  • Re-rolling
  • Perforation
  • Private labeling
  • Laminating
  • Inspection services

At PACIFIC Services, not only will you be able to get the nonwoven materials that you need, but you will also have the chance to convert them to your liking. They work at industrial capacities with a slitting capacity of 2 to 180 inches wide, a roll diameter capacity of 5 to 36 inches, core sizes of 2 to 6 inches, and perforated lengths along rolls. 


The team at PACIFIC Supplies wants to make sure that their clients can always have access to the best non woven fabric supplies and services for converting in the market, whether they are being used for manufacturing furniture or in construction. This is why they provide them with the most durable, resistant, and versatile materials available for those who are looking for wholesale upholstery supplies, as well as laminates, polypropylene, and all sorts of other common non wovens. For more information on what they offer and how they can help you, you can browse their website, message them through their contact form, or give them a call at (323) 321-2222. They are ready to get you the materials that you deserve.