Finding a book that can touch you in many ways is not so easy. Every week there are hundreds of new books hitting the market, but not all will be easily accessible to you, exciting to read or have the characters and story that can hold your interests well. A book that touches all these marks for you is one you want to savor, and there is such a book out there right now for you that will do this. When you pick up a copy of Rise to Sunderby Vivian Badashian, you will find a book that offers you insight not just to the characters of the book, but of the society we live in today here in the United States.

rise to sunder

Characters That Rise to the Challenge

The novel is filled with characters that will make you want to keep reading page after page. The story focuses on the exploits of Professor Walter McCreen, and his assistant, Devon Avery, as the two interact with the world around them as Professor McCreen has come upon a cure for schizophrenia. The relationships that the two have with those around them, and with each other, form the basis of the book. You get to read about how these characters deal with the dilemmas they face because of what they have done.

Don’t Miss a Fascinating Take on Society

As you read “Rise to Sunder,” you will see that the novel takes a unique approach to the ambition we often see in American society, and how this ambition can often lead to issues of jealousy, betrayal and more. You will get a vision of the world we live in today that will cause you to reflect more on everything around you as the story comes to life the more you read.

Pick Up a Copy Today

If you have not read “Rise to Sunder” by Vivian Badashian yet, you should pick up a copy today so you can see all that this new author brings to readers. The book is available on Amazon, and you can download it right away so you can begin enjoying it. You can also check out their website regarding Vivian’s work so you can read her blog and sign up for her newsletter and stay aware of when her next works are available to the public.