The jumpsuit trend looks as if it’s here to stay, at least for a while. But how do you wear one without coming off like a country bumpkin?

We know how cute little kids look in them, but wearing an adult jumpsuit isn’t a matter of just pulling it on. Don’t get us wrong, jumpsuits aren’t difficult to style right. Follow these guidelines and rock that posh jumpsuit like a pro!

The Dress Alternative

If you’re a dress-wearer who’s getting a bit sick of the same old look day after day. Dresses are, of course, everything from feminine to powerful, but sometimes you need a change. posh Jumpsuits could just be the answer.

This all-in-one fashion item is comfortable and a no-brainer. There’s no struggling to find two pieces that work together. You just pull your jumpsuit on, add a couple of styling details, and you’re good to go, whether you’re going to a wedding or work. Jumpsuits are just that versatile that they can take you multiple places.

Choosing the Right Jumpsuit for You

Everyone’s different, and what looks terrible on one person might look great on another. The same goes for jumpsuits. They come in so many different styles that it’s important to choose the one that suits your height and body shape perfectly.

Pear-shaped – if your bottom is heavier than your torso, your body shape is described as pear-shaped. With this body shape, the most flattering jumpsuit shows off the shoulders and emphasizes your upper half. Try asymmetrical shoulders or off-the-shoulder styles, and embellishments along the neckline will draw attention upwards.

Apple-shaped – if you are larger around your middle than elsewhere, you have an apple-shaped figure. The best jumpsuit style for this body shape is one that features layers, ruffles or tiers, skimming over the waistline.

Hourglass – if your figure is more of an hourglass shape, you need to emphasize your waist when picking out the perfect jumpsuit. Try belted styles, ruched waistlines or even a bow to nip you in at the waist.

posh jumpsuit

Petite – your small frame will be drowned in a wide-legged style, so choose a jumpsuit that just hits you at the ankle, with slim legs and a small print. If you want to look taller, vertical stripes will give you the illusion of height.

Tall – if you’re tall, choose a wide-legged jumpsuit. With your height, you can pull off all that fabric. You could also go for flared or cropped legs, or even a calf-length culotte style.

Jumpsuit Styling Notes

When you’re shopping for a jumpsuit, take two or three different sizes to the change room. Everyone’s body is different, but looser styles tend to be more flattering, although you don’t want it to be baggy. Looser styles are more comfortable to wear, and easier to sit in. They’re also easier to put on and take off. Lengthen your legs by adding a pair of heels. They formalize your look and make you appear taller and slimmer to boot.

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