Festivals are a great way of getting out of your home and experience a different culture in a different place. There are some things that you will find in festivals like finding good people, having fun entertainment and enjoying delicious food. Harvest festival is one of the famous festivals that are held in Los Angeles. This festival has gained popularity due to the noble acts it involves in improving the livelihood of Los Angeles residents.  It also involves participating in a pumpkin run to help in increasing awareness on the services it is involved in.

A pumpkin patch is prepared well to ensure the pumpkin planted there grows healthy. The pumpkins are being used during the harvest festivals. LA Harvest Festival has attracted foreigners who have supported this noble act through sponsoring various projects. You should also be part of the team supporting LA parks foundation and cheviot hill harvest festivals by engaging in various activities that we are involved in. Our main objective is to improve the living conditions of Los Angeles residents by bringing the important services to the residents.

LA Harvest Festival Pumpkin PatchThrough pumpkin patch and bowling, Cheviot harvest festival is able to create opportunities that will improve the quality of life within Los Angeles locality. During this festival, people from different parts of Los Angeles and the surroundings come together in enhancing LA parks and valleys

Los Angeles park foundation provides the support that Los Angeles city is not able to offer. Such support includes raising funds for improving park facilities, supporting sustainability projects, enhancing park environments and purchasing property for the future park land. Such activities are financed by our sponsors who have made this event possible. We also source for money through selling tickets to the visitors who attend the pumpkin run. By buying during the pumpkin run you are entitled to enjoy services such as pumpkin bowling, face painting, live music, hay ride and also participate in pumpkin pie eating contest.

Cheviot Hills pumpkin run is open for all people who would like to support our programs. You are therefore welcomed to join our team and be part of it in raising the fund. We also all access wristband for kid hence you can attend the pumpkin run with your kid. We have special facilities to take care of the children. You therefore need to contact us at harvest festival and get the experience of visiting the pumpkin patch in Los Angeles. We welcome you to be part of the noble activities that we engage in. If you’d like to register for the Pumpkin Walk just visit our site. Purchase Tickets for our fantastic LA Harvest Festival here